Cord Cutting

I started OTA (Over The Air) reception when I lived in the country and could only get Satellite TV. I tried a variety of antennas and by trial and error found the perfect setup for my location. Most stations were 25 miles SW and one was 25 miles NW, so a dual setup pointing NW and SW worked perfectly. It was a dual bowtie antenna and worked great. I simply installed it on the pole that held my satellite dish and use the RG6 cable from the satellite dish. Received over 50 channels with this setup.

Current Setup

Sold the place in the country and moved into a condo. Condo provides free basic cable but I still wanted to experiment with OTA reception. Worst possible location, down a 30 foot hill. Condo association did approve a rooftop antenna, but I would be responsible for any damage cause by installation and removal. I knew the next owner would probably not be into OTA reception so I decided to place a small antenna on top of a Flagpole. Worked great. Here is my setup to receive 53 channels.


The antenna connects to a Tablo located in my basement where the antenna cable enter the home (thru the air-conditioner pipes) to keep the cable as short as possible. The Tablo is connected to my home network and I view the channels and recordings on my Roku, Fire TV, laptops, Ipads and Android devices. It works great!

Check Signal Search Map to see what stations you can get and how to point your antenna.

Check out Antenna Man on YouTube for excellent information on OTA antennas.