Virtual Open House

We have a groundbreaking feature to expand your listings offerings around the world. You can now have a live video chat conversation directly on a 3D/360ยบ virtual tour. This makes it possible to have a Virtual Open House live streaming “showing” without having to physically go to a location. Stay remote, but keep the personal touch alive through a proper sales presentation. Great for real estate, RV dealership, car dealership, multi-family apartments, and property management and more!

Virtual Open House removes the fear and challenge of going on-location. Stay at home and show your clients multiple properties and sales inventory.

This feature is amazing – as a sales person or broker, you can remove the painful requirement of going to showing after showing, only to lead to your clients saying “pass,” and feel like you wasted your time.

Imagine a world where – with one click – you can enter a location and have a productive conversation over a virtual tour. And yes, you can share screen easily with one click of a button. 

 Virtual Open House image

Virtual Open House
  will completely change the virtual sales environment for the next decade. To get started contact us today.