Web Sites

Web Sites

I do web sites for friends, business associates and clubs I belong to. They are very economical sites using Google Domains and the free web site editors they provide. They are very simple sites but most only need a simple site. Here are a few examples

American Legion Boat and Canoe Club

The American Legion Boat and Canoe Club I belong to needed a web site update. It is a rather complicated site since the Boat and Canoe Club is home to 3 Posts, their Auxiliaries, Sons of American Legion and American Legion Riders. We wanted to present information about the American Legion, the Club, the 3 Posts, the 3 Auxiliaries, the Sons and the Riders in an easy and informative layout. We also only wanted to update the site once per year since updating can become very tedious. Using Facebook feeds and Google Calendar the site is automatically updated by the respective members. Check it out


DeBartolo Realty

DeBartolo Realty wanted an online presence that would update automatically from the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and also allow an easy contact form. Email alias forwarding from Google Domains will be used for all employees.